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South Asian American Employee Association (SAAEA)

Getting Involved

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Not everyone wants to get involve in the same way. SAAEA, we like to present different options to encourage others to join and get involve in employee and community service. Believe me, our voice will be heard.
For example: Members and non-members both can help their communities with education, culture, finance and elderly care. SAAEA will provide all kind of support.  
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Become a member & volunteer your time:

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An Organization can not grow and succseed by itself. SAAEA need your support. Please join SAAEA, volunteer your time and effort and make the Community proud of you. If you would like to volunteer your much needed time and energy, PLEASE learn more about the organizations.

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Volunteering is fun, and adventurous activity also a great way to network and get more people involved in other initiatives. Click Here to learn more about some of our activities find cliking the page to "Recent and Upcoming Events".

Make a Donation

Sorry, we can not solicit or collect any donation now. Thanks for your generous intention. We will announce any future donation process soon! 

Write a Letter or Sign a Petition to Senator Mark Warner:

The Honorable Senator Mark Warner
United States Senate
459A Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510-4603

Phone: 202-224-2023

Fax: 202-224-6295



Your suggestion and comments are important to us. To send your suggestion please contact:
Mohammad Saifullah

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Non-Profit organization to help employees & communities
Our mission is to help the people 
Phone: 703-912-8165