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South Asian American Employee Association (SAAEA)

Our Mission

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Our Mission:

It shall be the mission of SAAEA to meet the diverse spiritual, religious, educational, and social needs of its members within the South Asian- American Employees and Communities and to further causes of all people.

Diversity, innovation and connecting all cultures is our priority. Reach out across-culture and share the values is an essential concept of SAAEA. Together we can bring more success to the State Department, employess and families.   


As a Non-profit organization it is our goal to provide high quality, inspiring employee and community services and an atmosphere in which every member may get the opportunity to share the service and satisfaction.

  • As a community employee organization it is our goal to provide high quality educational experiences for every member of the SAAEA by participation in the school and college.
  • South Asian-American Employee & Community Member; it is our goal to encourage participation by all members to be warm, embracing, and caring. We wish to facilitate membership growth through our diversity programs, events and activities to provide an environment which encourages the development of an extended caring our employee's family.

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Non-Profit organization to help employees & communities
Our mission is to help the people 
Phone: 703-912-8165